Scribbly… what???

Why on earth do I call myself The Scribbly Sobernaut?

Well… when I say that I am scribbly, I mean that my mind is all over the place. I think that if I had a superpower it would be the ability to have browser tabs pop up over my head whenever I make a random reference while speaking, so that others can better follow my train trains of thought. I often feel as though I can’t speak a single sentence without it leading to at least three free-associated references or random thoughts. This leads to the whole “Sentence, please…” phenomenon in which I begin three of them and finish none. Or, maybe my superpower should be that I’m a super thought-weaver — sentences or ideas manifest as different colored yarns swirling overhead which I manipulate with my mind, threading them in and out of a magically suspended loom.
This superpower would also help me to climb back up the rabbit hole when I burrow through too many tangents, which happens so often it’s a wonder I don’t get lost in my own mind sometimes. Oh… wait. I do; and you saw it here first, folks.

My “scribbliness” is in large part due to my ADHD. I was not diagnosed until graduate school, but being a female with the inattentive presentation, my late diagnosis is not uncommon. That said, I have always had an insatiable curiosity, and find the whole of existence fascinating (well some parts of the whole are admittedly disturbing and/or just plain weird, but those parts might morbidly pique my interest anyway). So, whether it be the various colors of squirrel fur, the name of the band who sang that one-hit-wonder I just can’t place, or the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything, I’ll likely discover something that’s worth a moment — or a few hours… or days — of hyperfocused thought.

And, as for the “sobernaut” thing…

Think astronaut, but instead of exploring the universe, I’m exploring the soberverse. Get it?

Put it all together and it all means… what exactly?

As of October 1, 2018, I am giving sobriety a try (at least for the month of “Oct-sober” and then we’ll see how it goes). I’m a wife and mother with a full-time job, and I came to suspect not long ago that my primary way of coping with stress and feeling overwhelmed (having a drink — or two, or more — to relax) is not as effective as I’d believed, and likely causing more problems than it was supposed to solve. So I’m taking a break from adult beverages in the hopes that living for a time — or possibly a lifetime — without alcohol will actually help me to grow up a bit.

I had hoped to discover that no one else had thought up these terms (“sobernaut” and “soberverse”), but alas, there is nothing new under the sun (or around it, or past it, as it were). The Soberverse has been orbiting the “Internets” since at least 2015 (see this reddit post), and I suspect even longer, since I’ve found the term “sobernaut” on web pages and Twitter handles that date as far back as 2013. However, it is rather comforting to find that these are not wholly new terms, because this suggests to me that many kindred spirits have navigated this path before, and, very likely, are charting this territory along with me right now.

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