Day 31: One Last Test?

A couple of days ago,1 I listened to Annie Grace's podcast episode #118, "Why Don't You Drink Alcohol?" Annie answered the question describing how she was able to quit drinking without hitting "rock bottom," listing several logical and compelling reasons for why she felt she was done. I agreed with them all. They all made … Continue reading Day 31: One Last Test?

Day 12.1: Bottling Up Down Time

It's 4:37 in the bloody morning. Why the bleep am I awake?!? Can't shut my mind off. Turning on another "Game of Drones" episode of the Sleep With Me podcast, hoping that will help me keep my eyes shut for a little while longer. [That seems to have worked] 'Noshin' on a New Book! I'm gobbling … Continue reading Day 12.1: Bottling Up Down Time